OWB Holster

OWB Holster
    Code: OWB
    Price: $75.00
    Height Low
    Carry Side Left
    Cant 0 Degrees
    10 Degrees
    15 Degrees
    Belt Loops
    Thickness .080 [Standard]
    .093 [Heavy Duty] ($2.00)
    Red Dot Sight Cut No
    Yes ($5.00)


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    Our OWB holsters are designed to hug the body as close as possible. We achieve this in innovative ways. These holsters have an aggressive body hugging curve to form to the body and keep the profile and footprint as small as possible.The belt loops wrap over the top of the holster to help pull it in and reduce "wobble", as well as make the holster and belt act as a unit. ( A note on belts. The holster is part of a system, and a purpose designed gun belt is a must have). Once on the belt our OWB holsters will conceal nearly as well as an inside the waist band holster.

    We offer three different cants for our OWB holsters. 0 cant is best worn directly off the hip at the 3 o'clock position. 10 degree can be worn directly of the hip but is best moved back a little at about the 4 o'clock position and is a little easier to conceal the grip of the gun. 15 degree is best worn at the 4 or 5 o'clock position and will make hiding a full size gun such as a Glock 17 easier.

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    CANT 0 CANT 10 CANT 15

    Our OWB holsters feature retentions screws , some models only have one depending on barrel length, so the end user can adjust the retention to suit them. The T-nuts are pressed into the back of the holster so that the end user only has to turn the front phillips head screws to achieve the desired retention.

    Our holsters come in High ride, designed for people who are over six feet tall or have a long torso, and Low ride, for people under six feet tall or have a short torso.


    We offer three standard guards (the guard is the area of the holster that rides above the belt line between your body and the pistol and protects your pistol from sweat or protects you from your pistol) on our OWB pistols, None, Mid, and Full, or if you want something in between these, just let us know in the comments section of your order.If you have a 1911 Government Model pistol or a S&W MP and you opt for a full guard, we will insure that your safety is reengaged in the on position when you re-holster. If you have a de-cocking lever on your pistol, such as the HK USP , that also acts as a safety, and you order a full guard, we will cover the lever , but will not insure that the safety is re-engaged in the on position.