1) Can I email/call/text about the status of my order?

If the order has NOT shipped and is still within the stated lead times (lead times are always in red at the top of the home pages), then there is no point in asking us the status as the order just hasn’t shipped yet. If your order hasn’t shipped within the stated lead times, by all means email or call us and we will get to the bottom of why it hasn’t shipped yet (these are extremely rare). Be sure and check out the lead times in red at the top of the home pages. Thanks!

2) Are your Custom Order lead times accurate?

Yes. We confirm our lead times weekly (and sometimes daily) and update our website as needed. Our home page will always have our latest CUSTOM PRODUCT Lead Times, which are based on the current number or orders in our production process. If you’re looking for something faster, take a peek at our QUICK SHIP section, which has our most popular configurations that are ready to ship within 5-10 business days.

3) Do you have holsters “in stock” or “sitting on shelves”?

No. We make all holsters to order. Our QUICK SHIP orders ship in 5-10 business days (business days means no holidays or weekends) per the stated lead times in red at the top of the home page. Our definition of QUICK SHIP is based on what our production capabilities are and doesn’t mean or imply that we have holsters in stock or that they will ship any faster than the stated QUICK SHIP lead times. Our CUSTOM lead times are next to the QUICK SHIP lead times and fluctuate based on the amount of orders and are updated as needed.

4) CUSTOM OR QUICK SHIP PRODUCTS: What’s the difference?

Our CUSTOM PRODUCT offerings are custom-built by-hand, are configured to your exact specifications and take more time to create than our QUICK SHIP products. Our Custom Product Lead Times are updated regularly and are located in red on our home page. If you’re looking for something faster, browse through our QUICK SHIP section, which has our most popular configurations that are ready to ship within 5-10 business days.

5) CANT: What does this option mean in your dropdown menu?

The cant is the degree that the grip of the pistol is rotated. 0 degrees puts the slide of the pistol at a 90 degree relationship to your belt line. Each cant offered rotates the heel of the grip toward the sky, the more cant usually means more concealment. Smaller-gripped pistols generally require less cant, full-size-gripped pistols will conceal better with more cant.

6) COLORS: What does this option mean in your dropdown menu?

Our current color listings (see chart below) are those that we offer for our CUSTOM Products. For QUICK SHIP Products we keep 8 colors (Black, Black Carbon Fiber, Coyote Brown, Flat Dark Earth, Grey, OD Green, Orange and Red Carbon Fiber) in stock at all times. Please email us if you would like to request a color that is not in our offerings currently: sales@jmcustomkydex.com

7) COMMENTS BOX: What goes here?

If you have notes or comments that are pertinent to your order, the Comments Box is the best place to include it. If the comment means that the holster specifications are going to be different than what was ordered, then an email needs to be sent prior to ordering so the change/request can be verified if possible and we will let you know what to put in the comments section to make those specific changes.

8) DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE GEORGE & AIWB HOLSTERS: They look similar, how are they different?

The George and AIWB holsters both have an angled wedge molded into the holster that rotates the grip into the body. The George has a minimal wedge, regardless of the size of the pistol. This is to minimize beltline bulge and still have some form of grip rotation.

The AIWB will have a bigger wedge the bigger the grip length of pistol. For example, a Glock 26 AIWB holster has a George-sized wedge, and the Glock 17 AIWB holster has a bigger wedge.

Other than the wedge size, they are the same holster — they will both have ride height adjustments built into the holster. A good rule of thumb is if you are a lean body type, waist/chest/stomach are all on the same plane, you'll probably want The George. If your chest is bigger than your waist and/or your cover garment drapes well, the AIWB should work great for you.

As always, we recommend the neoprene sponge wedge to accompany any of our appendix carry holsters because it allows you to customize your holster's fit for you.


The OWB1 is a 2 piece design that has a wing on each side of the pistol that carries a loop, a more traditional pancake style holster. The OWB2 is a 1 piece design that has the same wing on the grip side of the pistol but the other loop is attached to the body of the holster, more of a scabbard type holster. Both conceal equally well, the OWB2 is a bit more narrow and is designed to be worn just behind the seam of your pants. The OWB1 will work from either right at the seam of the pants or back toward a more traditional 5:00 o’clock carry

10) DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WING CLAW 2.0 AND WING CLAW 2.5 HOLSTERS: They look similar, how are they different?

The two holsters only differ in their belt loops and how they attach.

The WING CLAW 2.0 uses a strut type loop (overhooks, DCC clips or struts with pull-the-dot loops) which is attached to the holster at the bottom of the strut. This makes the holster so you can tuck your shirt in behind the loops. It most often ordered with the overhooks or the Discreet Carry Clips.

The WING CLAW 2.5 loops attach at the top of the holster (you cannot tuck a shirt in behind them) and can be ordered with 1) a wide hole pattern (most popular) with pull-the-dot loops, or 2) a normal hole pattern to be able to use our split loop, clips, or pull-the-dot loops as well.

11) EXTRA TUCK: What is it?

The extra tuck is a rounded bulbous shape molded into the holster during the molding process of an appendix carry holster. This feature is designed to tilt the muzzle away from you which in turn helps tilt the grip and rear sight back into your body. It does the same job as the tear drop muzzle wedge but is built into the holster. As a side note, from our experience, we don’t suggest getting this feature unless you have tried it in the past and know that you like it as the Tear Drop Wedge does the same job and is usually more comfortable.

12) FEMALE VELCRO : What does the “Female Velcro” option mean? Do I need it if I choose a muzzle wedge/pad?

The “Female Velcro” is for customers who already have wedges of some sort and need just the female (soft) velcro to attach to another holster. You do not need to choose the female Velcro option in conjunction with the wedge/pad as the wedge/pad will come with female Velcro.

13) GUARD (aka SWEAT GUARD): What does this option mean in your dropdown menu?

The guard (also known as a sweat guard) is the portion of the holster above the belt line between you and the gun. It protects the gun from you and you from the gun. We offer three different options: FULL will cover all the way to the rear of the slide, MID will ride mid-way between the rear of the slide and the magazine release (generally about an inch below the rear of the slide), and NONE will ride about even with the mag release. Note: when choosing a MID for a pistol with a de-cocker or manual safety, it will be cut right below that.

If you are unsure which guard to select, we suggest you try the FULL guard as we can always trim it down to your specifications (just send it back to our shop address with $10 for return shipping and it will trim and ship back to you the day after received). However, if you get a MID or NONE, and then decide you want a Full, we cannot put material back.

14) HOLE PATTERN: What does this option mean in your dropdown menu?

The Hole Pattern refers to the belt loop hole pattern available for the specific holster design. The NORMAL Hole Pattern option lets you use all available belt loop options (solid or split kydex loops, quick on-off clip and "Pull-the-Dot" loops). The WIDE Hole Pattern option is only used with "Pull-the-Dot" loops and gives you the ability to straddle a pant loop easier.

15) LONG: What does this designation behind certain pistols in your dropdown menu mean?

That means we will add LENGTH to the holster to help aid against "roll out" (roll out is when shorter barreled pistols want to roll out over the belt because their barrels are shorter) issues and for concealment. This works really well for our AIWB style holsters, and we also like if for our strong side IWB carry holsters as well. This is not needed for OWB holsters. We have designated the pistols that don't have a larger-framed pistol in the model lineup to use.

16) WEDGE/FLAT TEAR DROP MUZZLE PADS: What are they and what do they do?

The Wedge/Flat Tear Drop Muzzle Pads are designed to attach with velcro to the muzzle portion of any of our appendix carry holsters between your body and the holster. It will help tilt the muzzle away from you and tilt the rear sight/grip back into your abdomen aiding in concealment and comfort.

The Wedge Tear Drop Muzzle Pad is an injection molded foam material that has a teardrop shape and a more rounded profile. This pad is meant for pistols with 4" barrels and up, or anyone wanting more grip tuck.

The Flat Tear Drop Muzzle Pad is a flat teardrop shaped pad made of a foam material. It is meant for any size pistol and for anyone needing only minimal muzzle tilt or aiding in comfort. They are also beneficial for adding to our extra tuck feature that is molded into the holster.

17) ORDERING: How can I place my order?

Our website is the best way to easily order and pay online. Select the JM Custom Kydex product you would like from our CUSTOM PRODUCTS or QUICK SHIP offerings. Pay attention to the dropdown options available, make your selection and add your product to the cart. You will then complete your purchase through the payment screen. Our website allows you to choose from several popular credit cards and/or PayPal to complete your purchase.

BY EMAIL: If you're not into the whole online thing, we also accept email orders. Just send us an email with your order specifications, your contact information and how you'd like to pay. sales@jmcustomkydex.com

DEALER INQUIRIES are always welcome: sales@jmcustomkydex.com

GOT FEEDBACK OR A NEW PRODUCT YOU'D LIKE US TO FEATURE? Send us an email, we're always open to any ideas you'd like to share to make JM Custom Kydex even better! sales@jmcustomkydex.com

18) ORDERING: How can I change my order?

If you need to change your order, please email us immediately with your changes/additions/substitutions and be sure to include your order number. NOTE: Changes made to your order MUST be sent with the email used when the order was placed. Once we received your change and depending on where your order is at in our production process, we will do our best to incorporate your request and will email you back to confirm what is possible. sales@jmcustomkydex.com

19) ORDERING: Can I order internationally and how does it work?

We definitely accept International orders – you will need to email all holster or mag pouch specifications to us. We will reply with a quote that includes shipping charges and the best way to pay based on where you're shipping to. sales@jmcustomkydex.com

20) ORDERING: How can I cancel my order?

If you need to cancel your order, please email us immediately and be sure to include your contact information as well as your order number. NOTE: Cancellation of your order MUST be sent with the email used when the order was placed. We are not responsible for any cancellations received from any other email addresses except the one used when the order was placed. If you have any questions or haven’t received a cancellation confirmation, please give us a call. Cancellations may be subject to a restocking fee depending on where your order is at in our production process. sales@jmcustomkydex.com

21) ORDERING: Can I order a pistol or pistol w/ light that is not listed in the drop down menu and then tell you what I have in the comments box?

You will need to email me prior to ordering to see if we have the pistol or pistol/light molds available to make the holster with. If we do have them, then we will email you back with how to order via the website. Custom one off fees may apply. DO NOT use a listed pistol or pistol/light in the drop down and then put your pistol or pistol/light combo in the comments without emailing us first regarding availability. You may be wasting your and my time. sales@jmcustomkydex.com

22) QUICK SHIP: I have a CUSTOM ORDER product and a QUICK SHIP product in my order, when will my order ship?

Ordering anything besides a QUICK SHIP PRODUCT will result in the entire order being put into normal production times… So when your CUSTOM PRODUCT is finished, we will ship both out.

23) RED DOT CUT: What is it?

The Red Dot Cut is generic trimming of the holster to allow for the use of battery operated red dot sights (Trijicon RMR, Shield RMS, Holosun, etc.) We trim the front of the holster down to the top of the ejection port. We suggest going with a mid guard for this feature as the full guard becomes very thin at the top and doesn’t really do much.

24) THREADLOCKER: Do my holster/mag pouch screws have threadlocker?

Your JM Custom Kydex holster/mag pouch will have screws with applied threadlocker on any retention or belt loop screws that can be accessed from the OUTSIDE of the holster (Wing Claws, OWBs, etc).

Any belt loop screw that has the backing hardware on the INSIDE of the holster/pouch will NOT have any threadlocker applied as we want you to easily be able to adjust or change the loops out if need be. It is the end user’s responsibility to maintain the screws (even those with pre-applied threadlocker) as any screw can still back out when the holster/pouch is used on a day-to-day basis.

JM Custom Kydex is NOT responsible for lost screws or screws backing out. If you need a replacement set of either belt loop or retention screws: Email us at sales@jmcustomkydex.com and let us know 1) which holster design you have and 2) if you need a set of belt loop or retention screws.

25) SHIPPING & HANDLING: What are your fees and how do your ship?

We ship through USPS Priority Mail and FedEx 2 Day. We try to keep our rates low for both shipping and handling. Normal costs are between $5-$12, depending on your order. Typically, once your shipping notification has been emailed and depending on your location, delivery times are within 3-5 days.

We ship through USPS International Priority Mail and FedEx International. Additional fees will apply, but the cost depends solely on your location, as does delivery time once your shipping notification has been emailed.

We do not insure packages. Please contact us or add that you'd like to add shipping insurance in the Comments Box when you place your order. The amount will be determined at the time of mailing.


Our warranty is simple. If you are not happy with your JM Custom Kydex product for any reason in the first two weeks, return it for a refund, minus the initial shipping cost and a 12.5% restock fee. If your JM Custom Kydex product breaks during normal use (and if you’re truly honest about normal use), then JM Custom Kydex will replace it at no charge. Unfortunately, International Shipping costs are not covered with any warranty issues and must be covered by the customer. Please note: Shipping and Handling charges are NOT refundable.


If you do need to return one of our products, please contact us via email at sales@jmcustomkydex.com and we will do our best to ensure that your needs are taken care of. If within the first 14 days of receiving your JM Custom Kydex holster you decide it doesn’t work for you or you just don’t like it, you can return it for a refund minus the initial shipping costs and a 12.5% restock fee.

Ship back to JM Custom Kydex, 13641 US Hwy 69, Bells, TX 75414

When shipping it back, include a note in with your return as to what we are doing for you, an RMA number is not needed. It is also the customer's responsibility to cover shipping the holster back to us. Refunds are subject to verification of the holster being in same condition. Angular/Flat Muzzle Pads and Neoprene Mag Pads are not returnable. Orders cancelled within 5 business days of shipping (as per our lead times) may be subject to a 12.5% restock fee.


You've made it almost to the end of the JM Custom Kydex FAQs. As a special thank you for those who read this, we'd like to offer a special "Easter Egg" discount. Just enter the code ICANREAD at checkout to receive a 10% discount. This 10% "Easter Egg" discount cannot be combined with any other discounts and does not apply to existing orders. JM Custom Kydex truly appreciates your business...


Our shop is NOT OPEN to the general public and any visits are strictly BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. If you need to discuss your order with us, or have any questions, we respond best and quickly to all emails at sales@jmcustomkydex.com Thank you!