AIWB High-Ride Single Pistol Mag Pouch

AIWB High-Ride Single Pistol Mag Pouch

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Note: Any changes made to your order must be sent with the email used when the order was placed. Neoprene sponge pads/wedges are not returnable.

Selecting Mag Pouch Carry: You'll carry your mag pouch on the OPPOSITE side your holster is carried. If you’re a right-handed shooter/right carry holster, you’ll carry your mag pouch on the LEFT side, you should select LEFT CARRY. If you’re a left-handed shooter/left carry holster, you’ll carry your mag pouch on the RIGHT side, you should select RIGHT CARRY.

CUSTOM pouches are bullets forward.

The High-Ride AIWB Single Pistol Mag Pouch is made using CAD-designed CNC molds to offer that perfect fit. Designed to add extra length at the bottom of the mag pouch so we can raise the mag higher up for a better grip on the mag and quicker reloads. The added length also aids against roll out issues, a problem sometimes with shorter mags. It features an adjustment feature so you can adjust ride height of your mag to your needs, and it has a retention screw (the screw is has been pre-applied with VC3 to keep it from backing out) for personal adjustment. A slight reverse cant (around 12-15 degrees) is built into the pouch to be ergonomic and fast. It can be ordered with a single Discreet Carry Clip, dual Pull-the-Dot loops or fixed soft loops. You can also order a small mag pouch neoprene pad for the ultimate in comfort and concealment! This is a great compliment pouch to any of our appendix carry holsters.