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Also available with the TRICON™ ProCarry Glock™ is Jeff Gonzales'recommended holster from JM Custom Kydex for inside the waist band carry. The Scabbard holster and inside the waistband magazine pouch are available separately upon request.

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BY Hilton Yam | Posted on 03/19/2014 by Hilton Yam

During the recent Mike Pannone Covert Carry Handgun class, I noticed a variety of appendix inside the waistband (AIWB) holsters in use by my friends. Of most interest was the “Extra Tuck” offering from JM Custom Kydex. I promptly ordered one off their website, and about 4 weeks later received my very own.

Pictured above is my holster with the adjustable soft loops, similar to the traditional “Summer Special” style. The belt loops are also available in Kydex, in solid or split loops and 3 different heights. I ordered the “Extra Tuck” feature, which is a clever and simple modification which improves the concealability dramatically. The holster has a bulbous protrusion molded into the body side of the muzzle end of the holster which pushes the muzzle out from your body. In doing so, the holster then cants the grip into your body, tucking it in for improved concealment. I have to say that the feature is worthwhile, and this rig has quickly become my favorite appendix holster.


L side of holster, showing “Extra Tuck” modification.

I’ll be revisiting my selection of AIWB holsters in a future article, but in the meantime I would highly recommend that you check out JM Custom Kydex.  Tell them you saw it here!







JM Custom Kydex INC holsters are designed differently from other KYDEX® sheet holsters currently on the market. With attention to detail and the real-world experiences of a number of armed professionals and private citizens – all have contributed to the design of JM Custom Kydex's holsters and magazine pouches. If you don't find what you're looking for we can always design a holster or mag pouch for you. Contact us to find out more.

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We realize knowing your lead time is important, so I will update this page as needed. Our production schedule is currently 9-10 weeks as of June 04, 2014. This means any order you place will be built and shipped in that time frame. Please realize that these production times may be updated many times in a business day due to the volume of orders on any given day. If your order is a custom one off fabrication you will be given a delivery time at the time of ordering.