The first holster I ever purchased was from JM Custom Kydex, and has honestly been the most trustworthy and well-built holster compared to most others on the market currently. But I will say the thing that stands out the most, is their customer service. They don't skip a beat when it comes to answering my questions (especially from someone who is JUST getting their first holster ever), helped to resolve things quickly and really went above and beyond to get things fixed when needed. Not a single complaint here, and quite honestly, will be purchasing + suggesting their products and service to anyone on the lookout for their next holster.
– Kevin F., 03/26/24

As I sit here this morning having my coffee, I decided to check my FedEx shipping tracker for my new IWB #3 holster. It will deliver today. With that said, it got me to thinking about you, your company, your move to Texas and your success. It made me realize I should email and thank you for your quality product – thank you! Your kydex holsters are the only ones I have used since 2010 (if I’m remembering correctly) when you started in Nevada. JM Custom Kydex is also the only holster I will recommend! I will say I do use Milt Sparks Holsters, Summer Special in hot weather. I hope you will take that as a compliment. I believe you’re in good company. I’m not on Facebook and don’t live the electronic lifestyle so I’m emailing in person instead of “posting” it. To give you a short history of why I think I even matter (: I gave my adult working life as an LEO protecting my state and community (38 years.) I carried a firearm for my career. I started with a 4" S&W .38spl and ended with a Glock 17. Over time I learned what holsters worked and what didn’t work. I’m now enjoying retirement but still carry a gun every day. If my math is any good, it adds up to 43 years I’ve carried a gun (EVERY DAY!). I believe that gives me a little “juice” to talk about quality holsters : ) Thank you again for your quality holsters. Believe me when I say, I trust my life and my family’s lives with your product everyday! I wish JM Custom Kyder and your family all best.
– G. W., 03/18/24

Just wanted to send some quick feedback, which I basically never do unless a company made me angry. I am absolutely ASTOUNDED by your holsters. (I tried your holster out with) the thinnest, lightest, lightly colored, most form-fitting T-shirt I own, basically of everything I would wear, this is going to be my #1 concealment challenge. (And) not even wearing a good belt… it’s a $20 leather Walmart belt that I’ve had for 10+ years, so it’s warped, stretched out, and a bit floppy. The gun is a full sized Beretta 92X with a Holosun 507c on top. I don’t think anyone has ever recommended this as an ideal carry pistol ever, or suggested that it is easy to conceal. And yet… it completely disappears in this situation, and the only printing is a bit of the red dot, and the decocking lever (I think it’s time to figure out how to remove that on the right side of the gun). This is extremely impressive! It’s so impressive that I ended up buying another identical holster for my H&K P30, despite having a perfectly fine holster for my P30 already. That gun is even more invisible than the 92X, even with the same red dot on top. Just wanted to give you a shout out and tell you what an amazing job you’re doing here. I haven’t sent a message like this to a company in *years*. Thank you!
– Justin J., 02/10/24

Just wanted to say thank you and great job! I have been handgun geek and competitive shooter for over 20 years and have been through god only knows how many holsters in that time. So I write this with pretty solid street cred when it comes to what a holster should and shouldn’t be. I found JMCK when I decided to experiment with AIWB (again) and ordered accordingly for a CZ P01. Unfortunately that style wasn’t for me and now that holster just sits. However once I had your product, I was sold. The time taken, the attention to detail and finish are I think the best out there. Strange as it may sound I like just looking at the gun in the holster. I have since ordered for a 365XL and most recently for a G19. Anything moving forward will absolutely be from JMCK. My only complaint is you moved to Texas ;) because I am in Nevada. Again thank you and stay safe.
– Cade L., 08/25/23

Quick note of appreciation — I love this new holster! I can actually sit down while conceled now without printing. Muzzle pad really does place the grip and slide where they need to be! Looking forward to range draw practice this weekend.
– Travis H., 07/31/23

Best light-bearing holster I've ever had, excellent retention right out of the bag, super smooth feeling holster and superb comfortability!
– Mitchell M., 06/15/23

Wow! This is incredible. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with your newest JMCK iteration. Incredible! I believe I caught onto you back on the days, cannot remember when I ordered my first AIWB holster for my old 1911. This is hands down one of the most comfortable holsters I've had. Truly incredible. I'm thrilled!.
– Jonathan H., 05/15/23

A few weeks back I ordered an appendix kydex holster from you for my 686 plus 3 inch. It was great quality and the comfort was OK. So I decided to order a wedge to see if that would be more comfortable. I didn’t know which one to get so I ordered both the tear drop and the tear drop flat. Well I got to say, it’s a game changer! I liked it before but now I love it! Of my 33 years of policing and countless holsters (and guns) I truly believe I have found the combination that woll carry me to the finish line. Thanks, I highly recommend your company and products.
– Lakewood WA LEO, 05/10/23

The holster is perfect. The clearance between the top of my belt line and the front of my grip is the best that I have experienced. I am able to quickly establish a full purchase of the firearm without any part of the holster getting in the way of my draw. It’s almost like someone is handing me the pistol from my waistline. I could not be happier and plan to purchase my third holster from JM Custom Kydex soon!
– Joseph T., 04/03/23

I received my JM Custom Kydex holster for the PHLster Enigma today. It arrived sooner than promised (which is always a good thing). It’s excellent quality, a perfect fit for my gun, and now is sturdily mounted on my PHLster chassis. You can’t go wrong buying from JM Custom Kydex and also supporting small businesses in the USA.
– Jerry H., 03/21/23

Thanks so much for making my JMCK custom order — I’m absolutely thrilled with the end result. The fit with my Shadow Systems CR920 is great and I don’t mind having the extra Glock 48 slide length in case I get spicy with a comp setup later. I haven’t picked up a LB Enigma yet to try it out with that but it’s great with the DCC setup so I expect it to be great there too!
– Freya L., 10/31/22

I just wanted to drop a note after receiving my OWB2 holster for my M&P9 Shield. I’m not usually a fan of kydex holsters - I prefer full leather usually (I own a few UBG holsters that I love). That being said I am so far very impressed with the JMCK holster you’ve sent me! It’s very well constructed, not too bulky, has excellent trigger coverage from all angles and has excellent retention. I’ve tried a few kydex holsters from other manufacturers and they were just “ok” for various reasons. Yours have hit the right benchmarks for me and I look forward to using it as my EDC. Thanks for producing an excellent USA made product! I will be buying more in the future.
– Ryan T., 10/22/22

I'm an old leather holster guy. Your kydex product is comfortable to wear. I am impressed with the quality of your product. So glad that I ordered this product. Thank you for all that you do.
– Harlan D., 10/07/22

I've been carrying IWB for 14 years, and intermittently try various brands of holsters. I currently have 7 different brands of Kydex IWB holsters I've worn over the years. A friend recommended JMCK as he'd been carrying a JMCK Glock 19 IWB Holster for over 5 years. I'm extremely pleased with the JMCK IWB 3 Holster I purchased –– it’s very nicely molded, blended well with excellent trigger guard coverage. The thickness and hardness is excellent, too –– not too thin, and not brittle. Rides a nice height and I really like the fixed forward cant that’s available. I spent years working on my feet, moving around a lot, and carrying IWB, so I’m very glad to see durable belt attachment options available with this holster, a critical element I’ve seen missed on other brands at times (both in the mounting hardware and attachment itself). My other IWB holsters are going in a drawer because I’m ordering more JMCK holsters for various makes and models!
– Russel K., 09/07/22

I received my AIWB order today and I am stoked! It’s exactly what I was hoping for. The fit on my MR920 is absolutely perfect! Very nicely done thanks so much! I’ll be sure to share my experience with other folks looking for a SS holster.
– Nick W., 08/18/22

Just received the "George" p365 I ordered two weeks ago and I just wanted to say thank you. This is the first 'custom' holster I have ever bought though I did quite a bit of research before purchasing. It is by far the most comfortable and minimalist holster I have tried yet and I don't think I could go back to any mass produced Amazon junk. Definitely exceeded expectations and will not be my last purchase from JM Custom Kydex.
– David J., 06/17/22

I now have 2 holsters from JM Custom Kydex, and both are by and far the nicest holsters I've ever used. I've used a lot of brands (cheap and expensive) over the years, and JM Custom Kydex stands as the best I've used. Whether you have the standard Glock/M&P or a hipster gun (Walther, Beretta, CZ), it's hard to think of anything better than JM Custom Kydex. Customer service is also as good as you're going to find anywhere.
– Danny M., 05/25/22

Just received the "George" p365 I ordered two weeks ago and I just wanted to say thank you. This is the first 'custom' holster I have ever bought though I did quite a bit of research before purchasing. It is by far the most comfortable and minimalist holster I have tried yet and I don't think I could go back to any mass produced Amazon junk. Definitely exceeded expectations and will not be my last purchase from JM Custom Kydex.
– David J., 06/17/22

I’m writing to tell you that I absolutely love the holster you sent. It is an amazing, high quality product that I will surely recommend. Thanks again.
– Patrick S., 08/04/21

I just got my holster for my 365XL/Streamlight set-up. It is as usual perfect. I had sadly made the mistake of getting an off-brand OWB because I needed it quickly. It has been an excellent reminder of why one should always buy from the best. Thanks again JM Custom Kydex.
– Michael B., 04/21/21

I really wanted to call out how much I love my Wing Claw 2.0. I've now found my final EDC holster for my G43X. The quality is fantastic but most of all it conceals incredibly on my body type. This was the most important thing I was looking for since I live in Massachusetts! The wide stance between the DCC clips is stable and allows me to put it exactly where I need it without interfering with pant belt loops. Its low profile build adds almost nothing to the belt bulge. I've got a drawer full of holsters like most enthusiasts but I'm done collecting. Thanks again for the great work!
– Matt B., 04/16/21

Just received the holster and all I can say is WOW. The fit is perfect and it carries great. This is the second holster that I have bought from you and they are both perfect. I went with your holsters on a recommendation from Paul Howe and I’m sure glad I did. Thanks again for making such a good product.
– Sam D., SCSO/SWAT, 02/13/21

I received the holster that you made for me today and I just wanted to express how extremely pleased I am with everything about it. The fit, function, form, and design are all flawless! The retention is perfect right out of the packaging. The metal belt clip is perfect as I was expecting one made out of kydex like many others are doing. The cuts for the red dot and sweat guard are perfect as is the form for the gun and attached light. The kryptek typhon camo pattern finishes it off beautifully. I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how extremely satisfied I am with your product. Well done sir! I truly appreciate it and will highly recommend you to anyone I come across looking for a quality holster. Best wishes to you and your business.
– Ryan K., 02/10/21

There's a reason that JM Custom Kydex is on every knowledgeable shooter's short list. While everyone's body is different, the JMCK holsters that I have work better for me than anything else.
– Ralph M., 12/15/20

Great service and fast shipping, will buy again.
– Raymond N., 04/10/20

JM Custom Kydex is my go to for IWB holsters. They are the best, period.
– Adam F., 04/09/20

I got my Wing Claw 2.5 for my 92LTT and I’m extremely impressed with the quality and the fast shipping. Thank you!
– Jerrod S., 02/05/20

Thanks for offering the best AIWB holster for duty work. I work in a special undercover LE unit and your holsters have provided me the ability to conceal and perform many many tasks. I appreciate the quality and options. Thank you sir!
– Raymond P., 01/29/20

First, I've paid for every piece I've received from JMCK, and although I've never met John, I'm sure he's the real deal. I've tried many different holster makers and through literally paying my dues, I don't see how you can get better value than you get with JMCK. I'm a satisfied customer who believes in customer satisfaction. At JMCK, their combination of a #1 FINISHED product (all the little things, like sharp edges/tightened screws, etc.), excellent customer service, and, something that isn't usually mentioned — patience – is finished by a price point that is aimed at the working man. Why do I say "patience?" John has answered each and every one of my emails himself. At the risk of repeating myself, JMCK does business the old fashioned way.
– 11B10 via PistolForum, 01/20/20

I just received my grey OWB Light-Bearing Holster and Single Mag Pouch Version 3 for my Beretta M9A3 duty pistol. In a word: AMAZING. I own hundreds of dollars worth of kydex holsters for my police sidearms and the quality of your kydex surpasses any other kydex I've ever owned and it's not even close. The attention to detail is remarkable particularly the finished and polished edges. Your reputation within the industry is well earned. I will be ordering more holsters from you. You have a customer for life.
– Chris H., 01/12/20

JM Custom Kydex has become the only Kydex holster I’ll have. I have an AIWB rig for my light bearing Glock 19 and and OWB for same. Love them. Recently I purchased a Glock 43x for off duty and I ordered the G-Code Phenom. Normally I really like G-Code products and I own several of their pieces. I dig the tactical fuzz (their words) and I see where they were going with the design but it misses the mark. Therefore I ordered another AIWB for the 43x from JM Custom Kydex. Henceforth your products will be all I’ll own. Period.
– Oliver D., 10/16/19

I ordered an OWB and AIWB with a deep conceal mag holder for my Glock 48 and 43x, I must say am very impressed with Tony and his products. First thing I noticed was the right comfortable fit for the AIWB. The fit is the best I could ask for, the wedge design and the foam pad are great. Thank you Tony for answering all my questions and providing the best selection for my needs: a top knotch product of high quality.
– Joe B., 09/30/19

Best IWB Appendix holster I have ever used, I have bought one for all my carry guns.
– Travis C., 09/14/19

Just wanted to say thanks. I received the holster today and thought I'd really only use this holster in the fall and winter. But I'm actually wearing it right now in a coffee shop and I'm wearing shorts and a fitted button-down shirt. No joke: this holster conceals my full-size Beretta 92FS better than my other holsters conceal my sub-compact (HK P30SK) and snub-nose revolver (Ruger LCR). And most shocking of all it's truly comfortable. Not "I can deal with it" comfortable. Actually comfortable. I couldn't be happier with both the service you offer and the quality of your product. Thanks again for all your help and for guiding me to the best holster for my needs.
– Michael H., 08/05/19

Recently ordered an IWB holster and it is perfect! It’s extremely well made and very comfortable. I would highly recommend.
– Jason M., 07/26/19

The (QuickShip) shipping was crazy fast and the fit to my pistol is perfect! Enough retention to not worry about the pistol falling out, but smooth like a hot knife through butter on the draw.
– Jeffrey B., 06/08/19

Awesome products at a fair price. Well worth what you pay. There may be cheaper options out there, but in my experience, this is a ”you get what you pay for” type of deal. If you plan to wear a holster for hours on end and want to do so, comfortably, safely, and be able to get at it when you need, JM Custom Kydex will do all that.
– Clayton H., 05/10/19

Great holsters at fair prices. I own several and have been successfully using them daily.When industry giants such as Tom Givens and Ernest Langdon recommend JM Custom Kydex Holsters, that should be considered as a “CLUE”!!
– Richard S., 04/06/19

I’ve been buying Tony’s product for the last 4 or 5 years. As a guy who used to make his own holsters and made quite a few for other people, I’m pretty particular about which kydex products I buy. Since finding JMCK I’ve stopped making my own and haven’t looked back. Tony’s designs, quality and customer service are fantastic. He’s one of the few holster makers I steer my students to. I’ve been shocked by how fast he responds to emails with answers to questions and recommendations. I sent him an email late one night (it was after midnight his time) and got an answer back by the time I woke up in the morning. The one time there was a problem with the order he had a return label sent to me PDQ and had a new holster on the way before the other one got back to him. Buy with confidence.
– Lon E., 03/27/19

I dropped off my carry pistol to install new sights and had to shift to my old carry gun and holster. It has been a poking and pinching few days. How I have taken for granted the comfort and concealment of JM Custom Kydex versus anything else.
– Cody J., 12/27/18

Awesome appendix holster for my wife. Went with JM Custom Kydex because almost no one yet makes an appendix holster with the “raptor clip” (JM calls it the discreet carry clip that torques the gun into your gut) for the new S&W Shield EZ. Retention is great. Solid *click* when fully seated, and it stays put. She says it’s very comfortable. Will definitely order again!
– Alex P., 12/04/18

Great company. One of the best holsters I've ever had. Customer service is awesome. You guys rock.
– Michael B., 09/26/18

Great quality products at a great price!
– Bryar H., 10/02/18

Great company. One of the best holsters I've ever had. Customer service is awesome. You guys rock.
– Michael B., 09/26/18

Just wanted you to know that I received my IWB 3 for my 2.0 Compact and I’m so impressed that I’ll never buy from another company again. I never thought I’d be able to conceal a gun this size as comfortably or easily as I do my Shield or LCR, and the quality and craftsmanship is outstanding. I’m sorry I didn’t discover JMCK sooner. You’ve got a customer for life.
– Ryan N., 09/07/18

I’ve been carrying an AIWB Wing Claw for my Beretta Px4 daily for going on two years. This is the best holster I’ve owned and Mr. Mayer continues to improve on the design. These holsters aren’t cheap and you’ve got to wait a bit to get them but there is no finer craftsmanship out there. I’ve spoke with Mr. Mayer on the phone a couple of times and he is a standup, no nonsense guy. I’ve got a lot of respect for him and he takes care of his customers!
– Richard B., 08/24/18

Have 3 of their holsters for VP9s, 1 light bearing OWB, 1 OWB and an IWB. Retention adjustment is great and they are very well built and comfortable holsters.
– Ryan S., 08/15/18

Had a Custom Wing Claw 2.5 made up for my Sig P320xcarry, with the pull-the-dot loops. Amazingly comfortable and great retention out of the box so to speak. Tony was nice enough to message with me about carrying AIWB and really took the time to make sure I knew this was not a small gun and would still print some. He also went above and beyond and tried to get it to me as soon as possible for a gun class! Great guy, I plan to order a few more holsters from JM Custom Kydex.
– Trish M., 08/02/18

I received my IWB4 yesterday and I have to say it’s probably the finest quality holster I’ve ever owned! I carried IWB in RCS Phantoms for years and I’ve always thought that they set the standard for Kydex... I was wrong. The JMCK holster I recieved blows any Phantom I’ve ever owned out of the water. If I had not taken your suggestion about trying one of your AWIB holsters this holster would be the only holster I would own, but I’m thinking the AIWB is where I’m heading full time. I enjoy it so much I’m thinking of moving up to a G17 since your Wing Claw carries so well! Thanks for making such a great product and be so easy to work with. You’ve made a customer for life.
– Clay N., 07/24/18

Just received holster and mag holder for a S&W 2.0. I did the "Quick Ship" and was trying to get it and run it before a vacation... It took a few days more than expected, but well worth it. As most (I can imagine) I have a LOT of holsters for my various handguns. I have some from Haley, Crossbreed, DSG, Bravo, T-Rex Arms, and I'm sure a few others... This my favorite. Perfect fit right from the package. Yes, they are a little more expensive but I'd rather "buy once, cry once". Don't hesitate to purchase!
– Scott M., 07/13/18

I just received my first order from JMCK and I couldn't be happier. I haven't had a chance to use it yet but I can tell just by looking at it that it's the best kydex I have ever held. Thanks for the great holsters!!!!!!!!!!
– Joey B., 06/21/18

I am very happy with my purchase. Durable, concealable and fast delivery. Under promised and over delivered!
– Mark B., 06/18/18

I’ve been carrying a JMCK OWB for Glock 19 with a TLR for 4 years. Plain clothes on duty under a shirt and off duty. I love it.
– Corbett R., 05/28/18

By far the best! Very customizable! Love the holster.
– Brian L., 05/02/18

I have to say you make one hell of a holster. The fit and finish is second to none. and the customer service is awesome. Also the new large gun pad is comfortable and it works great. The new metal clip is a great addition as well. Man, you can't move that holster once it's on the belt. It is harder to put on the belt but that just means it's harder to come off accidentally. Your stuff just keeps getting better and better. You have found your calling that's for sure. Hope you stay in business for as long as you care to because you are the best hands down. I am 100% pleased with my new Sig 365 holster. I usually tinker a little with them when I get one but this one is perfect. I know how to order from now on – that is unless I gain 30 lbs but that's another issue.
– Dwain A., 04/29/18

The IWB2 is the best kydex IWB holster I’ve ever used. I usually use leather holsters because they offer snap belt loops much farther apart than the standard kydex holster with belt loops, which usually have the loops close together on the body of the holster. This doesn’t create a stable platform, and allows the pistol to wobble around, changing the cant of the weapon. JMCK's IWB2 puts the rear loop much farther away than the front loop, creating a very stable platform. The pistol stays right where it needs to be, and is in exactly the same position every time I grab the gun. I ordered one for my P30 with APLC. Very comfortable! I like it so much, I’m going to order IWB2s for all of my handguns. Winner!
– Christopher J., 04/11/18

Tony is a top notch guy that makes excellent holsters. JMCK is my first stop after buying a new pistol. Just received my latest Wing Claw 2.5 for my 320c w/RMR. Can't imagine how it could be better. Fit is great and with the claw/wedge it is very comfortable. Thanks again!
– Ryan D., 03/29/18

Bought two holsters and both are perfect. Comfortable and discrete.
– Matthew T., 03/05/18

Great customer service! Best AIWB holsters! No more drawers full of useless holsters!
– Donald S., 02/08/18

Just got mine in the mail and it fits like a glove!!! Awesome job. I will definitely be ordering another soon.
– Daniel-Whitney L., 02/01/18

Ordered the OWB2 Kydex holster for my Sig Sauer P320 Subcompact about a month ago and just received it. As a left-handed shooter it's difficult to find good holsters so this is my first custom kydex holster. It fits great nice and tight to the body at my 8 o'clock position. My P320 fits in the holster perfectly and it's a very solidly made holster. It holds on my belt great with no slipping around. I'm very happy – thanks guys for a great product!
– Jeff B., 01/28/18

The only way to go! Highly recommended! Will be my go-to for all future holsters.
– Brad H., 01/19/18

Customer service is top notch. I have taken a gamble on plenty of holsters, but this one has paid off ten fold in quality of build and comfort! Definitely a returning costumer for any other holster needs!
– Andrew S., 12/30/17

I have four JMCK holsters for 3 different pistols and a dozen mag pouches. Very satisfied. The AR pouches with the TekLoc are especially sweet!
– Pete M., 12/14/17

JCMK did a great job on my OWB holster that fit like a charm. Great quality and craftsmanship. I will be a repeat customer no doubt!.
– Ben B., 12/02/17

I have a box of holsters from many of the best and most popular makers out there. I can honestly say that for Kydex, there is no one better than JM Custom Kydex. Exceptional quality, great fit, and great value.
– Mark M., 10/03/17

Tony gave me advice before my order. I made a mistake on the order, emailed him and he corrected it. Didn't like the way the holster fit me. He traded it out for a different style, no charge. The holster I have now fits, conceals, and draws clean. It has a wedge that cants well... Great craftsmenship. I have the Wing Claw 2.5 for a Glock 34. It hides my Glock as well as anything can. I plan to order again.
– Cory Dean U., 09/27/17

Purchased a mag pouch about 1.5 yrs ago. A couple weeks ago it broke, normal wear and tear. I visited then to see if they could make up a couple more for me and they replaced the broken one at no charge, I didn't expect that. Got two new pouches (purchased another), really like the minimal and simple shape. Great customer service.
– Colby S, 09/06/17

Simply the best holster no matter what gun or method of carry, although the AIWB holsters get extra thumbs up!
– Tim F., 09/06/17

JMCK makes great stuff. All of the products I've ordered from them, including both holsters and mag pouches, have been perfectly finished and worked exactly as required. I have very high standards for concealability, and the JMCK George holster enables me to carry guns as large as the Beretta 92G-SD in non-permissive environments without unnecessary drama.
– Trevor F., 09/06/17

I've tried big name makers and smaller shops alike. JM Custom is the only shop with unique, ergonomic designs that wear comfortably all day long... and look classy as heck doing it. I carry AIWB or OWB always with reloads.
– Derek M., 09/05/17

Best kydex around!! I've tried most of the big names and JMCK is the best!
– Rick L., 09/05/17

Great people that make an awesome product. Will buy again when and if I need to.
– Trevor B., 09/05/17

For being a small girl… and needing something that would work without beating up my ribcage for CC, Tony's designs are perfect. Comfortable. Affordable. And the pink kydex is cute.
– Jennifer D., 09/05/17

The only way to go if you want a truly engineered kydex holster. Anybody can mold plastic around a gun... John somehow molds the gun and holster around your body. To top it all off, the customer service cannot be beat!
– Jake D., 08/10/17

Fantastic holsters with even better customer service. My go-to holster company for both reasons.
– Alex M., 07/13/17

I did quite a bit of research and listening to advice from friends who were AIWB converts. So, I ordered two AIWB Wing Claw 2.5 holsters and two of the IWB mag carriers. I have been totally impressed with the quality of the workmanship, the comfort, effective concealment, and the speed of my presentations with the holster. My Glock 17/19s carry with comfort and are concealed… I can't ask for more than that!
– Michael Gary S., 07/09/17

I've carried my CZ P-01 in a JMCK AIWB-Wing Claw holster daily for nearly a year now. It is the standard by which I compare all other AIWB holsters. My pistol disappears under a T-shirt and is comfortable for all day carry, even when driving for long hours.
– William A., 05/01/17

I recently received my AIWB holster. Simply put it is the utmost quality. Very comfortable. Fit and finish is superb. I will be ordering another soon!
– Jason G., 03/29/17

I ordered and received the IWB 3 with split kydex loops with 10 degree cant for the Glock 19. It is by far the best and most comfortable IWB holster I have ever used, and I have tried a lot over the past 15 years! It conceals extremely well and is very minimal inside the waistband. I highly recommend these and feel that with the quality any of the options you choose will far exceed your expectations!
– Larry H., 02/27/17

I just spoke with Tony by phone. His customer service is excellent. He took the time to answer my questions even though I'm certain he has much more important things to do as I'm an owner/operator of Shoot Center Gun Range and Store, Cape Coral Florida.
– Aaron F., 02/27/17

I got my Wing Claw 2.5 this afternoon. The fit and finish are very nice, as expected. What I didn’t expect, but hoped for, was a high degree of concealability with ease of getting a combat grip. The claw does a marvelous job of pushing the end of the grip into the body and the wedge does its job of pushing the muzzle outward while pushing the rear of the slide also towards the body. Thanks for suggesting this holster and for providing an excellent product.
– Richard K., 02/23/17

Excellent service. I had originally ordered a holster for a Glock 19 but at the last minute requested a change of holster for Glock 43. Without any questions, John the owner changed it for me. Just received by IWB for my new Glock 43. Excellent quality and fit. Thanks!
– Chris N., 01/30/17

Ordered OWB1 holsters for my Glock 19/23 and STI 1911 3" Lawman, 10 degree cant, no sweat shield. Outstanding quality and fit. I own a million kydex holsters and these really stand out. Easy 5 Stars. Will definitely order from JM Custom Kydex again!
– Dominick J., 01/14/17

Just got my AIWB from Tony and love it. He went above and beyond to make me happy which he did hands down. By far the best holster I've owned.
– Colin C., 12/24/16

Thanks again for my P30SK holster – fit and finish are perfect. Really like how the Wing Claw and J hooks work... having such knowledgeable, quick and immediate feedback on questions is invaluable. You made me feel like I am very important to your business, not just one guy ordering a holster. I would definitely recommend JMCK to anyone looking for an excellent holster at an excellent price.
– Rich J., 12/03/16

I have been wearing my VERY comfortable JM Custom Kydex OWB holster for my G17 w/light since I received it several weeks ago. I am entirely satisfied with it and thank you. I am tickled and gratified that you named a holster package for MY favorite trainer, friend and mentor, Tom Givens.
– Bill B., 11/29/16

Great guy, great service, great products. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that. In today's America, I want to support someone who actually does good customer service when I know how hard it is to do it well.
– Eric N., 11/21/16

I received the holsters today. Thank you! They are by far the best fitting and quality that I have ever had. I have bought numerous holsters in the past 28 years, as I carry a handgun for work. These are the best.
– Mark L., 11/17/16

I ordered the AIWB for my Walther PPQ and could not be happier with the quality of this holster. The extra tuck and grip tuck design is amazing and the most comfortable apendix holster I have ever had. I own a stealth gear and trex appendix rig and this one blows both out of the water. Thank you JM Custom Kydex for giving me a reason to stop looking for a comfortable appendix holster!
– Tyler M., 11/17/16

I've bought hundreds of dollars in holsters. After trying his I only buy JM Custom Kydex. They are the best.
– Dave S., 11/12/16

I've wasted a lot of money with various holsters. Some trying to figure out how I like them on my body, but regarding kydex holsters: JM Custom Kydex holsters have been the best. They have fit my pistols the best. The draw is smooth, the holster is easy and the holstering is firm. I have used JM Custom Kydex Holsters for my Sig 220 and 227 and they have consistently worked better than the competitors. Thank you for creating a great product.
– Peter D., 11/11/16

I received my AIWB holster a couple of days ago. It is perfect!!! The fit was great for my G19, it is very comfortable to wear and I can tell the workmanship is good. I have 4 holsters I now need to get rid of. I am so glad I found your site.
– Brent G., 11/10/16

Just got a clip mount AIWB for my M&P Shield and extra mag. The exceptional construction and minimized profile makes for a comfortable concealed ride with no printing in an untucked t-shirt.
– Dale N., 10/21/16

I have had my JM Custom Kydex holster now for about 3 months. I don't normally write about, or contact anyone about a product that I have purchased. However, I just wanted to let you folks know that I absolutely love the holster you made for me. It fits my pistol perfectly, and it has become my favorite holster. I own about 10 different holsters for various handguns. Some are leather, some are kydex. This holster is absolutely perfect. Best one I own. I just wanted to say thank you for such a fine holster. I really appreciate it.
– Lane S., 10/06/16

In a sea of pretenders you are a pro. My holster arrived today — it’s a keeper for sure. I really love the design around the trigger guard you can tell a lot of thought and care was taken to get that just right and the whole package reeks of quality.
– Tim E., 09/16/16

This holster carries very comfortably, securely holds my weapon and looks great. I'll be ordering more holsters for my other weapons soon.
– Troy L., 09/02/16

Thank you so much for quickly sending me the correct size loop. The holster is now perfect and I am confident it will secure my FNS-9c without fail for more years than I'll ever see. You have a customer for life and will be ordering more holsters. Thanks again... great customer service!
– Troy H., 08/31/16

As a 20-year LEO who's used his fair share of rigs, I gotta say you make an excellent product. Thanx again!
– Ron M., 08/30/16

I've been carrying concealed for 30 years, and have tried quite a few designs. I got JM Custom Kydex's OWB Version 2 for my S&W M&P45 and it's worked extremely well. It supports the weight very well, carries close and fast – been wearing it daily for a couple years now. Top notch design and workmanship.
– Harry C., 08/29/16

Great work, great communication, item looks even better than expected! Dealing with you was a pleasure. I'll be back!
– Alex V., 08/29/16

I got mine and it is phenomenal and I'm not easily impressed!
– Derek M., 08/27/16

Got my OWB holster & SPMP V3 today for my hi power. Great holster 10/10 stars - highly recommend!
– Brandon W., 08/13/16

I've been wearing my JM Custom Kydex AIWB holster and AIWB mag carrier for two years now, and it is by far the best conceal carry system I have ever tried. Worth every penny.
– Eric T., 07/23/16

Just got my AIWB holster for my Beretta M9A1. With the extra tuck, my gun disappears under a T-shirt. And it's so comfortable I had to check to make sure it was still on... even by the feel it's made to last. Mixed with the retention adjustment and ease of changing the clip, this guy is a magician!
– Greg P., 06/18/16

I have found your holster to be perfect in retention, ride, and ease of draw. Thank you for making a superior product.
– George T., 06/15/16

Just picked up my JM Custom Kydex holster from post office. Great job! Beautiful work! She loves it!
– Al M., 03/26/16

Holster came today. I am impressed. It came earlier than I thought; it retains the gun well; it holds it tight to my body and the fit and finish were great. Great job!
– Jack B., 02/11/16

Love my new holster. Beautiful job, great design. Thank you!
– Eric S., 01/07/16

Let me first say, I am the pickiest person I know when it comes to holsters. Having said that, this isn't a holster – it's an absolute work of art. All you have to do is hold this thing to immediately know there has been a lot of thought behind the design. I absolutely could not be happier with this holster or the beyond-excellent customer service you've provided. You have a customer for life...
– Matt S., 12/16/15