CUSTOM The ”Road Dog” Holster

CUSTOM The ”Road Dog” Holster

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The ROAD DOG HOLSTER is an extremely minimal belt slide holster. Made to be as small of a belt line signature as possible and fit a multitude of different barrel length pistols of the same family. It has been thoroughly tested and approved by our friend Darryl Bolke of HITS Training who has clocked many vehicle miles using this holster with his Glock 48 performing his work as a Protection Specialist.

This holster was tailor-made for those that may not be able to carry during their workday, but can leave the holster on without a pistol in it as its small size and shape may not be noticeable as a gun holster. When they punch the clock to go home for the day, they can access their securely-locked pistol, holster up and be armed for the rest of the trip home. It also works great for general range use for those that have multiple pistols of the same frame/slide profile but with different barrel lengths. It has a slight 10 degree cant for better concealment but still a fast draw and has a retention screw so the user can adjust the retention to their liking. There are no options for this holster (other than belt loop size) as we wanted it to be an extremely simple, no-frills design.