QUICK SHIP CT Clinch Pick Sheath

QUICK SHIP CT Clinch Pick Sheath

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Product Description


Note: Any changes made to your order must be sent with the email used when the order was placed. Wedge/Flat Tear Drop Muzzle Pads and Mag Pads are not returnable/refundable.

Our QUICK SHIP CT Clinch Pick Sheath was designed to be an ultra-concealable and ruggedly-durable sheath for a variety of the available Clinch Picks on the market. Designed by noted combatives expert Cecil Burch of Immediate Action Combatives with input from JM Custom Kydex, this sheath is a fixed loop design that carries the Clinch Pick so you are able to access the blade in the most extreme of circumstances.

Designed for use in the entangled combative situation, very little movement is needed to access the blade. The orientation of the grip — combined with the V-shaped biothane loop pattern — allows the knife to be exactly where you want it, should you have to use it.

The retention is fixed for durability and keeps the blade in the sheath until you are ready to access it. Made from .093 thick kydex for use with 1.5” belt (this sheath is tight on the belt by design) the sheath also comes with an adjustable “kicker” that helps tilt the grip into the body for better concealment. The sheath can be ordered to draw with your right hand (choose right-hand draw) or your left hand (choose left-hand draw). Available only in black.

NOTE: This sheath only fits the “China” Clinch Pick Gen 1 and 2 with single edge. Other Clinch Picks may fit but are at your own risk.