CUSTOM OWB 1 Holster

CUSTOM OWB 1 Holster

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Note: Any changes made to your order must be sent with the email used when the order was placed. Wedge/Flat Tear Drop Muzzle Pads and Mag Pads are not returnable/refundable.

Please order the OWB2 Light-Bearing Holster if you want an OWB holster with a light.

Note: If choosing a red dot cut in 10 or 15 degree cant, ride height will be higher to accommodate the red dot cut.

Our OWB 1 Holster is designed to fit to the body as close as possible. These holsters have a body-hugging curve that form to the body and keep the profile and footprint as small as possible. The belt loops, one on each side of the pistol, wrap over the top of the holster to help pull it in and reduce "wobble," as well as make the holster and belt act as a unit. Note on belts: The holster is part of a system and a purpose-designed gun belt is a must-have. We highly recommend the Wilderness Frequent Flyer 1-1/2" or 1-3/4" with CSM – in our opinion, it sets the standard for an excellent gun belt. You can even choose to customize your holster with different front and back colors!

We offer three different cants for our OWB 1 holsters: 0 cant is best worn directly off the hip at the 3 o'clock position. 10 degrees cant can be worn directly of the hip but is best moved back to the 4 o'clock position and is a little easier to conceal the grip of the gun. 15 degree is best worn at between 4 - 5 o'clock position and will make concealing a full-size gun (such as a Glock 17) easier.

Our OWB 1 Holsters feature retentions screw(s) – some models only have one retention screw, depending on barrel length – so the end user can adjust the retention to suit them. OWB 1 holsters can also be ordered with three different sweat guard options: full, mid or none.

Recommended Body Types: 34” waist and up