QUICK SHIP The "George" Holster

QUICK SHIP The "George" Holster

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Our QUICK SHIP AIWB The "George" Holster (named after one of our favorite customers) is an appendix holster made for lean body types whose waist, chest and stomach are all on the same plane. It has the same footprint as our AIWB holster, but with less grip-rotating wedge to minimize belt line bulge, yet still torques the grip of the pistol into the body.

We suggest either our Normal Angular Muzzle Pad or a Wedge Tear Drop Muzzle Pad for pistols with 4” barrels and up. We suggest the Small Angular Muzzle Pad for pistols with less than 4” barrels. The Flat Tear Drop Muzzle Pad works for all barrel lengths.

Recommended Body Types: 34” waist and up