CUSTOM IWB 2 Holster

CUSTOM IWB 2 Holster

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Product Description


Note: Any changes made to your order must be sent with the email used when the order was placed. Wedge/Flat Tear Drop Muzzle Pads and Mag Pads are not returnable/refundable.

When you place your order, let us know in the Comments box if you’re using XS Big Dot Sights.

The design of our IWB 2 Holster is a wrap-around with two “Pull-The-Dot” loops: one attached to the trailing wing and the second attached to the front of the holster. The trailing wing really pulls the grip into the body and it allows you to carry either bigger guns or smaller guns equally well.

This holster allows for 3 cant adjustments, made by moving the front “Pull-The-Dot” loop up or down. We set it in the middle hole position, which is 15 degrees cant unless otherwise specified in the "Comments" box. The bottom hole position is 10 degrees and the top hole position is 20 degrees. It can be ordered with 2 guard options: full and mid. The IWB 2 is not compatible with a red dot sighted pistol and cannot be ordered with a red dot cut.

Recommended Body Types: 32” waist and up