AIWB Holster – Wing Claw 2.0

AIWB Holster – Wing Claw 2.0

Code: AIWB-WC2



Product Description


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The Wing Claw 2.0 is a dedicated appendix carry holster with offset J-hooks that keep the holster as thin as possible. It has a wing attached that rotates the grip into the body aggressively and still keeps belt line bulge down to a minimum. Ride height can be adjusted by moving the J-hooks to the next set of holes. Because of the way the wing attaches to the holster, it is wider than our original Wing Claw holster, so to keep it comfortable when riding against your body, we roll the kydex edge that is closest to the body. We recommend the NSW to help tilt the muzzle away from your body and for extra comfort and concealment.

Recommended Body Types: 30" waist and up