I got my Wing Claw 2.5 this afternoon. The fit and finish are very nice, as expected. What I didn’t expect, but hoped for, was a high degree of concealability with ease of getting a combat grip. The claw does a marvelous job of pushing the end of the grip into the body and the wedge does its job of pushing the muzzle outward while pushing the rear of the slide also towards the body. Thanks for suggesting this holster and for providing an excellent product.
– Richard K., 02/23/17

Thanks again for my P30SK holster – fit and finish are perfect. Really like how the Wing Claw and J hooks work... having such knowledgeable, quick and immediate feedback on questions is invaluable. You made me feel like I am very important to your business, not just one guy ordering a holster. I would definitely recommend JMCK to anyone looking for an excellent holster at an excellent price.
– Rich J., 12/03/16

I have been wearing my VERY comfortable JM Custom Kydex OWB holster for my G17 w/light since I received it several weeks ago. I am entirely satisfied with it and thank you. I am tickled and gratified that you named a holster package for MY favorite trainer, friend and mentor, Tom Givens.
– Bill B., 11/29/16

Great guy, great service, great products. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that. In today's America, I want to support someone who actually does good customer service when I know how hard it is to do it well.
– Eric N., 11/21/16

I received the holsters today. Thank you! They are by far the best fitting and quality that I have ever had. I have bought numerous holsters in the past 28 years, as I carry a handgun for work. These are the best.
– Mark L., 11/17/16

I've wasted a lot of money with various holsters. Some trying to figure out how I like them on my body, but regarding kydex holsters: JM Custom Kydex holsters have been the best. They have fit my pistols the best. The draw is smooth, the holster is easy and the holstering is firm. I have used JM Custom Kydex Holsters for my Sig 220 and 227 and they have consistently worked better than the competitors. Thank you for creating a great product.
– Peter D., 11/11/16

I received my AIWB holster a couple of days ago. It is perfect!!! The fit was great for my G19, it is very comfortable to wear and I can tell the workmanship is good. I have 4 holsters I now need to get rid of. I am so glad I found your site.
– Brent G., 11/10/16

I have had my JM Custom Kydex holster now for about 3 months. I don't normally write about, or contact anyone about a product that I have purchased. However, I just wanted to let you folks know that I absolutely love the holster you made for me. It fits my pistol perfectly, and it has become my favorite holster. I own about 10 different holsters for various handguns. Some are leather, some are kydex. This holster is absolutely perfect. Best one I own. I just wanted to say thank you for such a fine holster. I really appreciate it.
– Lane S., 10/06/16

In a sea of pretenders you are a pro. My holster arrived today — it’s a keeper for sure. I really love the design around the trigger guard you can tell a lot of thought and care was taken to get that just right and the whole package reeks of quality.
– Tim E., 09/16/16

This holster carries very comfortably, securely holds my weapon and looks great. I'll be ordering more holsters for my other weapons soon.
– Troy L., 09/02/16

Thank you so much for quickly sending me the correct size loop. The holster is now perfect and I am confident it will secure my FNS-9c without fail for more years than I'll ever see. You have a customer for life and will be ordering more holsters. Thanks again... great customer service!
– Troy H., 08/31/16

As a 20-year LEO who's used his fair share of rigs, I gotta say you make an excellent product. Thanx again!
– Ron M., 08/30/16

I've been carrying concealed for 30 years, and have tried quite a few designs. I got JM Custom Kydex's OWB Version 2 for my S&W M&P45 and it's worked extremely well. It supports the weight very well, carries close and fast – been wearing it daily for a couple years now. Top notch design and workmanship.
– Harry C., 08/29/16

Great work, great communication, item looks even better than expected! Dealing with you was a pleasure. I'll be back!
– Alex V., 08/29/16

I got mine and it is phenomenal and I'm not easily impressed!
– Derek M., 08/27/16

I've been wearing my JM Custom Kydex AIWB holster and AIWB mag carrier for two years now, and it is by far the best conceal carry system I have ever tried. Worth every penny.
– Eric T., 07/23/16

Just got my AIWB holster for my Beretta M9A1. With the extra tuck, my gun disappears under a T-shirt. And it's so comfortable I had to check to make sure it was still on... even by the feel it's made to last. Mixed with the retention adjustment and ways of changing the clip, this guy is a magician!
– Greg P., 06/18/16

I have found your holster to be perfect in retention, ride, and ease of draw. Thank you for making a superior product.
– George T., 06/15/16

Just picked up my JM Custom Kydex holster from post office. Great job! Beautiful work! She loves it!
– Al M., 03/26/16

Holster came today. I am impressed. It came earlier than I thought; it retains the gun well; it holds it tight to my body and the fit and finish were great. Great job!
– Jack B., 02/11/16

Love my new holster. Beautiful job, great design. Thank you!
– Eric S., 01/07/16

Let me first say, I am the pickiest person I know when it comes to holsters. Having said that, this isn't a holster – it's an absolute work of art. All you have to do is hold this thing to immediately know there has been a lot of thought behind the design. I absolutely could not be happier with this holster or the beyond-excellent customer service you've provided. You have a customer for life...
– Matt S., 12/16/15