Tom Givens Package - Glock 17/22 (includes 2 mag pouches)

Tom Givens Package - Glock 17/22 (includes 2 mag pouches)



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The QUICK SHIP Tom Givens Package for GLOCK 17/22 is a holster and mag pouch package that is used and endorsed by noted firearms instructor Tom Givens of Rangemaster. It consists of our IWB-3 Holster in black for either a Glock 17/22 or a Glock 34/35 (what Tom wears everyday), plus 2 of our Version 2 Single Mag Pouches. The holster has a 25 degree cant to help conceal the full-size grip and comes with a mid sweat guard to insure an unimpeded grip when drawing. Tom believes in fixed belt loops for stability and concealment, so we use our injection molded split loops for the holster. The mag pouches are bullets forward for proper access of the magazine, are also a fixed loop system and meant to be carried on your support side opposite the holster (if you choose right carry, you will get a right-carry holster and left-carry mag pouches, vice versa if you choose left carry).

If you are looking for training, check out Tom’s schedule and list of classes at Rangemaster. Tom is one of the best firearms and tactics instructors in the United States and is highly sought after for his wealth of knowledge.

Recommended Body Types: All