Double Pistol Mag Pouch

Double Pistol Mag Pouch

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Note: Any changes made to your order must be sent with the email used when the order was placed. Angular/Flat Muzzle Pads and Neoprene Mag Pads are not returnable.

Selecting Mag Pouch Carry: You'll carry your mag pouch on the OPPOSITE side your holster is carried. If you’re a right-handed shooter/right carry holster, you’ll carry your mag pouch on the LEFT side, you should select LEFT CARRY. If you’re a left-handed shooter/left carry holster, you’ll carry your mag pouch on the RIGHT side, you should select RIGHT CARRY.

CUSTOM pouches are bullets forward.

Our Double Pistol Mag Pouches are designed to be concealable and comfortable. They feature a body-hugging curve that contours to you and keeps the mag in close to your body. They have side-by-side retention screws so you can somewhat adjust each mag individually and have enough spread between the mags so you can retrieve either mag without interfering with the mag still in the pouch.