The “Hybrid” Holster

The “Hybrid” Holster




Product Description


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This holster is collaboration between JM Custom Kydex and JRC Holsters and is really a one of a kind custom holster. Jim at JRC and myself both like hybrid designs, but found them lacking in features that would make them a viable long-term concealment holster. We put our collective heads together and designed the JM Custom Kydex “Hybrid” to give you what we feel is the ultimate holster of this type.

While not a new design, we wanted to incorporate design features that make this holster stand alone in the hybrid field. We use .093 thick kydex for the front of the holster and trim away any excess kydex that doesn't serve a purpose. We add a tab of kydex under the trigger guard to help keep the grip tucked in and also keep the holster open when reholstering. The front shell is held in place with stainless steel screws that can all be adjusted for retention. For the back, we use premium 7-8 ounce horsehide that is actually boned for each specific gun, and not just a flat piece of cowhide. This boning process, combined with a stiffening process, gives this holster unparalleled retention that will last. The horsehide wings are double layered, bonded and lock-stitched for strength, and will conform around the user's body to accommodate any body style. The belt loop attachment holes are recessed slightly to keep the body side smooth and comfortable and have multiple mounting holes so the end user can adjust ride height and cant to their liking. It can also be made with a full or mid sweatguard and can be ordered with either horsehide “Pull-The-Dot” soft loops, nylon 6 J-hooks or biothane “Pull-The-Dot” soft loops.

This holster is truly a unique piece of functional art.

Recommended Body Types: All