AIWB Tuckable Holster

AIWB Tuckable Holster




Product Description


Note: Any changes made to your order must be sent with the email used when the order was placed. Neoprene sponge pads/wedges are not returnable.

Our AIWB-Tuckable was designed from the ground up to be a special-use holster for slim, single-stack, semi- automatics and is meant to be used when you have to have your shirt tucked in, but still have immediate access to your handgun. It has just enough wedge to tuck the grip, but leaves less of a " footprint" in the appendix position. It comes with the extra tuck feature and is extended in length to avoid rollout – a common problem with short-barreled pistols. It has a piece of male velcro attached to the fold over belt loop, and ships with a piece of female velcro that you will need to attach to your belt, either with glue or have it sewn on. This is so no visible part of the holster is showing on the outside of the belt. It has one retention screw and can be ordered with full, mid, or no sweatguard. The belt attachment is designed to be able to tuck your shirt in a good 3" so you can look as natural as possible while carrying.

Recommended Body Types: All